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-Listen at safe levels-

LISTENING TO LOUD MUSIC OR PROGRAM MATERIAL OVER LONG PERIODS OF TIME CAN DAMAGE YOUR HEARING. It is advisable to moderate and monitor your listening time and loudness levels.

To avoid hearing damage, do not wear or plug in headphones or output devices with the volume knobs turned up or when turning
the unit on or off.


Hearing Data - Charts - Tables


Health Effects and Hearing Conservation - OSHA

How the ear works - it's anatomy and physiology - OSHA

How loud is too loud?

"exposures to noise should be controlled below a level equivalent to 85 dBA for eight hours to minimize occupational noise induced hearing loss" Further example from Osha website:: " OSHA allows 8 hours of exposure to 90 dBA but only 2 hours of exposure to 100 dBA sound levels. NIOSH would recommend limiting the 8 hour exposure to less than 85 dBA. At 100 dBA, NIOSH recommends less than 15 minutes of exposure per day."


Never use headphones in places where the inability to hear your ambient enviroment presents an accident risk to you or others.

Learn how to establish safe listening levels and review other important hearing, health, and safety guidelines from the Consumer Electronics Association at [] and the Hearing Health Foundation at []

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